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The mission of eco-volunteer:

The project aims to add to the study carried out by the Dolphin Watch Alliance carried out in the Hurghada region of the Red Sea.

The group that has been working since 2004 has already identified more than 160 dolphins in the area. Our partnership commits us to identify the groups before getting into the water (identification forms to fill in). Thereafter, if conditions permit, we will try to take images of the dolphins in order to have updated data on the fins of each individual. The images will be forwarded to the local scientists and help them in their research. The program is already in place and one of the most advanced of its kind and will in future certainly be the most cutting edge and richest in cetology. For the first time the behavior of dolphins are really studied underwater and the new discoveries already made provide a new dimension to all the studies already carried out worldwide.

The “Immersion with dolphins” experience asks participants to engage in the program by taking underwater pictures of dolphins if possible.

The participant has to respect the choices of the dolphin and has to avoid harassment. Swimming in crawl style is prohibited, proximity to the dolphin is only allowed on the dolphin’ initiative and the rest phases of the dolphin have to be quickly recognized and respected. It is forbidden to touch the animal, unless of course, if it chooses contact itself and the diver cannot move avoid contact.

A certain diving etiquette has to be followed during these experiences. This respect towards the animal is of utmost importance to me and has been for over 20 years.    

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